Whether it's a weekend getaway or a month long family holiday, across Australia or around the world, Aussie House Swap offers a fantastic alternative to expensive accommodation, allowing you to do MUCH more than you ever imagined.

House swapping is fast becoming the chosen way to holiday as it's FUN and it's FREE. You could save thousands of dollars for every week away, and you get to live with the locals, in a real home - with all the comfort and convenience that brings.

Aussie House Swap is one of Australia's leading home exchange services, with a membership featuring seriously lovely people and many experienced swappers. We offer a service that is affordable, friendly and effective.



When the accomodation is free, you can afford to do a whole lot more.

Take the family somewhere special - for a weekend, or for a month. Live in a house that is set up for kids, and spend your days at the beach, the park... it’s all within reach. List your house and get swapping.

Live the dream

Follow the music festivals, shop ‘til you drop, soak up the sun or chill right out.

There are very special places and events that call our name. Loudly. The biggest barrier is usually cost of accommodation. A house swap is free. Now, what’s that sound... could that be your name?

It's all here

Save $$ and live easy with the convenience of a functioning household.

People's homes are set up for living in - comfortable, friendly and practical. And your travel costs are slashed when you can cook, do your laundry and play your own entertainment. It’s all here...

Get real

Don't just travel there... live there!

Living in the neighbourhood gives you a deeper, more enjoyable experience of a new place. Shop where the locals shop, discover their secret cafes, galleries, parks, clubs etc. Find out what makes the people tick, what makes the place special.

Big or Little

Perfect for the holiday of a lifetime or a weekend away.

Pack the car, or just a bag. It could be the dream of a lifetime or a spur of the moment. Take the whole tribe, take your beloved, or just take yourself. All it takes is someone else with a similar idea to swap houses with. Big or little, it starts here.

Swap with us

Our service is effective, fast, easy and affordable. We are one of Australia’s leading home exchange sites, and have a strong membership base made up of the most lovely people you’re likely to meet.

We also have a high proportion of experienced swappers, people who take every opportunity to get away, and who are proven, trustworthy and practical.


Get Started...

What's not to love? Free accommodation in comfortable homes, across Australia or around the world. We are sure you’ll love the experience of a home away from home. It may be just around the corner...



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Completed a very successful exchange Dublin to Melbourne. Many thanks. Irene B. (Dublin, Ireland)
We have just about organised our first swap, less than 48 hrs after registering. Mark

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