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A big thumbs up for Aussie House Swap. Joined Friday, sent requests Saturday and have already got a house-swap organised just now (Monday). AWESOME! Kind Regards Nicky (& James)...
We are great advocates for your house swap system and have introduced others to your service. Kevin and I have had about 8 swaps since we began last year and every one of them successful and a friendship forming from our last one. Caroline & Kevin

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We are Australia's largest home exchange site, and winners in the Australian Business Awards 2017 for Business Excellence.

Aussie House Swap has been a leader in the online home exchange market for over a decade. We offer a service that is smart, powerful and easy to use, backed by the friendliest customer support in the business. 

Operating since 2003, Aussie House Swap is a fully Australian owned, family business dedicated to providing house swap holiday opportunities for Australians to travel around their own backyard, as well as across the globe.

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