How it works: Aussie House Swap home exchange holiday accommodation.


How it works

You have a holiday in their house, and they have one in yours. You spend nothing on accommodation. It’s really that simple.

Browse for free

There are no limitations to what you can see on the site, so use our awesome search tools to find the perfect base for your next holiday.

You can also use our HOLIDAY PAGES as a fun starting point for your search.

Add your listing

Join up and create your house listing. Add photos (you can do it from your phone) and browse around other listings to see how you can refine yours.

When it's all shiny and wonderful, publish it and you’re good to go.


Use our powerful search to find some fantastic homes and chat with other members using our secure messaging system.

It’s easier than you think - you could have a swap sorted tomorrow!

It’s local

Don't just travel there - LIVE there. Get to know a place by living like a local. Find the best local cafes, restaurants, parks... and all the secret gems known only to the natives.

You know how much fantastic information YOU could provide for someone visiting your neck of the woods. The great local cinema, the best local parks, the best motorways etc...

So imagine what your house swapping partner can provide in terms of great local tips and recommendations. They can give you all the good oil on local features - and make your holiday experience so much deeper and more rewarding.

It’s easy

We’ve helped tens of thousands of members arrange fantastic holiday accommodation for free. It’s safe and easy to get started.

Do it your way

SIMULTANEOUS SWAPS are the most popular model for home exchange - both parties swap at the same time. But there are other ways to swap...

NON-SIMULTANEOUS: You stay at their place and later on, they stay at yours. This can happen if you've got a holiday property, or a self-contained living space on your property.

HOSPITALITY: You host them at your home and, later on, they host you.

Explore the options

There is a broad range of options that can make your house swapping experience even better.

LAST MINUTE: If you are feeling spontaneous, you can flag that you are open to last minute swaps.

OTHER OPTIONS: These include Car Swapping, organising for your pets to be cared for by your swap partners and the fact that you can swap for a weekend, for a week, for a month or for 6 months.

3 days or 3 months

We often dream of the holiday we REALLY want - and settle for the one we can afford. It might be time to turn that around, by not having to pay for accommodation.

And the entire time that you’re away from home, someone is living in your home, which is the very best form of security; and they might even water the gardens for you as well.

Don't just settle - go for the dream.

It’s good

This is the Sharing Economy at it’s simplest - you leverage your own house to get free holiday accommodation across Australia and the world. And it gets better; research has proven OTHER significant benefits...

More sustainable

Recent studies show that carbon emissions are reduced by over 60% compared with hotel accommodation, and water usage is cut dramatically.

Meals are also more likely to be cooked at home, using fresh local produce and waste is more likely to be recycled. Car swapping also reduces the need for extra cars on the road.

Builds local business

The money that is saved on accommodation is often spent locally; on entertainment, food, wine and in local shops.

Even when meals are cooked at home, the food is usually sourced locally. Essentially, travel is encouraged and the wealth is spread over a wider group of smaller businesses.

Protects heritage

Collaborative consumption extracts greater use from existing resources.

In the case of accommodation, this means less hotels, which are usually in the most attractive or historically significant areas. This multiplies the environmental benefits, removing a large amount of waste water, energy usage and traffic congestion.

It’s comfy

There’s nothing quite like home, except maybe... someone else’s home. Enjoy a holiday with all the comforts & convenience of a functioning home.

Living in a lived-in home brings a huge array of benefits, which include the kitchen, laundry and entertainment system. It can even extend to an open fireplace, a swimming pool or cable internet. It's all at your finger-tips - people live here!

House swapping is AWESOME for families too. Swap with another family and get the added benefits of high-chairs, play equipment, kid's books and even toys!

It’s $65

$65 for a year of membership is a tiny investment compared with the THOUSANDS of dollars that can be saved on a year’s worth of wonderful holidays. And there are other reasons to join right now...

Save Money

Travel anywhere without paying for accommodation, and save $1500 to $4000 each week. It happens every day for our members - what about you?

Swap rewards

Refer a friend and if they join, you both get three months extra membership for free! And there's more...

Swap guarantee

Life doesn’t always follow the script, so if you haven’t been able to swap houses in your year of membership (and you tried) you’ll get the next year free.*

It’s time...

Not having to pay for accommodation means you CAN afford to go. It means you can go more OFTEN. It means you can go to places you didn’t think were POSSIBLE. It also means you can spend more money on food, wine and entertainment.

Holiday house swap accommodation

Join now, and you could be organising your next holiday in a matter of minutes.