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Don't just take our word for it, read what our many happy members say about home exchange and house swap holiday accommodation with Aussie House Swap.

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A big thumbs up for Aussie House Swap. Joined Friday, sent requests Saturday and have already got a house-swap organised just now (Monday). AWESOME! Kind Regards Nicky (& James)...
A big thumbs up for Aussie House Swap. Joined Friday, sent requests Saturday and have already got a house-swap organised just now (Monday). AWESOME! Nicky
Hi. We have loved being on the houseswap site. Its very good value. We saved around $2,500 on our last trip to Perth. Kind Regards Angela
Completed a very successful exchange Dublin to Melbourne. Many thanks. Irene B. (Dublin, Ireland)
We have just about organised our first swap, less than 48 hrs after registering. Mark
We love the house swap site. We have 3 swaps arranged. Thank you so much for your organisation. Di
We have just come back from our first house swap. We had a fantastic time and saved heaps in accomodation costs. A huge thank you! Robert
We are great advocates for your house swap system and have introduced others to your service. Kevin and I have had about 8 swaps since we began last year and every one of them successful and a friendship forming from our last one. Caroline & Kevin
We have just completed a great swap and are doing another one to Melbourne in June. Thank you! Lauren
We have had four successful house-swaps. We think that the concept is great and that the site is very user-friendly and attractive. Cheers, Carole P.
Thank you very much. We already had a response from Italy, how exciting! Cheers, Simone
Thank you. Just had another great houseswap in sydney. Driving home my children asked when the next one is? Thank you - it's the best thing ever! Rebecca
We are about to embark on our first international houseswap to Seattle Washington. We fly out in 2 weeks today for 7 weeks in the US. Will let you know how it goes on our return. Regards Sue and Mick (Coffs Harbour, NSW)
Have to say, we have so far had a marvellous time with our swaps and are doing a big one to the south of France at Christmas. Yay, thanks Aussie House Swap! Suzie (Newtown, Sydney)
Aussie House Swap has been a fantastic success for us. We live in the UK and have enjoyed 2 great house swaps in Australia. 3 mths in Sydney and 6 wks in Brisbane. Many thanks. Patrick (Chorleywood, England)
We belonged to another swapping organization and in 10 years didn't find the help, advice and great communication we have in 1 month with you. Thanks for all your hard work Chris (Mittagong, NSW)
***YOU WOULD BE MAD NOT TO LIST TO YOUR HOME ON AUSSIE HOUSE SWAP*** Fabulous concept and exceptional service by the admin Team. It makes holidaying to new places in the world accessible on even the tightest of budgets. Their service was exceptional and I cannot recommend them highly enough. You can holiday twice as often if you are not paying for accommodation!!! Jacqueline
Have just completed 2 successful house swaps. This site is great. THANKYOU. Pam
I thought I’d like to post a few comments about the Aussie House Swap Website and the swap we were able to arrange because of it. To begin with it’s very easy to use, very efficient and, judging by the number of email alerts I get, also very active. Our first go at using the website resulted in us (in southern Spain) being contacted by a couple in Riverview, Sydney and a few months later and after some emails and Skype calls we swapped houses for two months and are now firm friends. It works well because you look after the swap home as well as you’d look after your own and help is never more than a ‘phone call away. It’s really good fun and highly recommended. George
We have really enjoyed our swaps and have taken us to places that we would never have thought of as a holiday destination. The website is very user friendly and we appreciated the 2nd year free when we were not able to get a swap in our first year. Pat
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