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Testimonials for Aussie House Swap home exchange and house swap holiday accommodation


Don't just take our word for it, read what our many happy members say about home exchange and house swap holiday accommodation with Aussie House Swap.

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I thought I should tell you how pleased we have been with house swapping - and how keen we are to arrange for more swaps. We had our first house swap (a long weekend) which we really enjoyed and have organised for one in NZ for next year. We could have easily organised more if we didn't have to work and go to school! It seems everyone we've contacted who've already house swapped have had really positive experiences. Regards, Suzie
In the past 12 months we've done two swaps to Sydney when we wanted to catch up with friends and family. As we have two small children it was no longer viable (or desirable) to stay in someone's spare room. Both house swaps went really well. We've told all our friends about it. Our second swap was particularly successful as it was with another family with young children. This meant we didn't have to pack half the things we would normally take -? cot, highchair, bottle steriliser, toys, books, stroller, even car seats were all there. We even bought each other a pack of nappies so we wouldn't have to pack those or rush off to find a shop. I think the secret of a successful house swap is open and honest communication. Be clear about what you have to offer and what you would like. We have had absolutely no trust issues with either of our swaps. We live in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast and I would say that we have received on average one request per week for a house swap and we've had no difficulty finding someone suitable. It's advisable to book early for the school holidays and Xmas period. We reckon we've saved ourselves about $7000 in accomodation and car hire this year with just two swaps! Thank you for organising such a wonderful and innovative web site's so ingenious and so simple! Keep up the good work! Sarah and Mark
Have had about 6 house swap enquiries - some very good except we couldn`t match times. Had 4 weeks in Tasmania which was great. Have arranged a swap to Fitzroy (Melbourne) for l0 days around Easter. Bill & Trish
Just to let you know we did a house swap last June/July, 2007 to a beautiful home in Sydney. We even met the folk at the half way point of Port Macquarie for dinner and stayed in the same Caravan Park!!! It went tremendously well. We were first-timers, whereas they had done several swaps so filled us in on what we needed to know. When we arrived we thought we had hit the "jackpot". Their home was in a millionaire street and was beautifully appointed. We kept in touch with each other a little throughout the holiday to see how each other's cats were doing .... as we swapped minding them too! All in all, it was a great experience and one we would be happy to repeat again. I believe it is up to the individual to source the genuiness of the swappers before committing to go ahead though. May you go from strength to strength!!!! With kind regards, Carol & Graeme
We are delighted with Aussie House Swap as we have just organised a 6 week exchange to Perth to spend Christmas with our son & family. The exchange is ideal as we are exchangeing cars & the other party are more than happy to look after our little dog & their home is located less than 15 minutes from where our son lives. We did not anticipate getting a Christmas excahnge so it was a real bonus. This was all organised less than 2 weeks after joining Aussie House Swap. Mike
I did have a very successful swap last year with a lady at Victoria Point. She had her family with her and they had never been in snow and had a ball. I was very happy to be at her home and walk every day by the sea. Also, I so love the friendly Queensland people. They were so good to me taking me to church, bridge etc. Pam
A year ago I joined Aussie House Swap straight away I looked into where we would like to go. I emailed approx 6 other members and 5 off these emailed me back within 3 days unfortunately none where able to swap, after a few months I tried again......we where succesfull it felt like I won the lottery, we secured a weekend away to the Blue Mountains, Within 2 days I organized to swap houses again and while I was working out dates with the family I received an email from Taree.....within a week we orginized two holidays! We have been to the blue Moutains and Taree, tomorrow we set of for Batemans Bay. I'm a working and studying single mother with two boy's funds are always low and this way we are able to discover the Aussieland without a lot off cost. Thanks Aussie House Swap Team Ingrid
One couple asked us to swap and we did so -? it was a good arrangement with no problems. Thank you for the service. Bronwyn
Would like to let you know that I made a very successful swap in September last year. Both parties were extremely satisfied. Pauline
We have just completed a very successful house swap with another swap member from Perth. Regards, F. H.
We had 2 great swaps last year both on the Gold Coast and are waiting for another to come up again soon. Best idea ever invented, we are quiet envied by our friends. Lenore (NZ)
We have had one house swap during our membership? and it was fabulous. We are now great friends with the family and once we settle elsewhere, we will be certain to contact them (and others) for another swap. It is staggering to think of the amount of money we would have paid in hotel accommodation but instead we had a magnificent home in a fabulous location with every household facility at our disposal. As a bonus, we had the convenience of another family caring for our animals and keeping our home tidy and secure during the course of our absence. Brilliant!! Tania
In January of 2008, my family aussie house swapped with a couple from Victoria. We had a wonderful time exploring the state, with our base being their beautiful home in the Gippsland. They arrived at our home at the beach in Queensland, looked after our cat, watered my plants and had a good explore of our region. My husband was a little uncertain about letting complete strangers into our home, but we have nothing but a positive experience to remember from the house swap. Our house was left as immaculate by our vistors as when we walked out the door 2 weeks prior. The Handy House Swap Form was used by both parties, and made it easy to list details such as contact numbers and instructions. We are currently in contact with a family from the south island of New Zealand, which will be the site of our next house swapping adventure! Aussie House Swap is an easy-to-use website, full of information and handy tips, not to mention some great places listed. From a Happy House Swapper. Karen
We have met a fantastic couple in Bright Victoria through this great home exchange website. Krista
I have done a very successful non-simultaneous house swap in Melbourne and the swap went without any problems and was a great help to us. Many thanks and I am in the process of arranging another swap for middle of this year. Judy
Just telling you that we made a house swap in September for a house in Perth and we live in Newcastle. We had a marvellous holiday in Perth for a month, excellent accommodation, our house swapper was very communicative. The house was left in sparkling condition when we returned and would certainly recommend a house swap and many thanks to your website for the opportunity to communicate because that is one of most essential ingredient in this house swapping process. Robyn
We would like to thank you very sincerely for the excellent house swapping site you have set up and for the excellent idea you have initiated. In this day and age it is not easy for families, and for seniors like ourselves, to travel in this wide brown land of ours, especially with the present cost of petrol and the rising cost of accommodation, even the most humble. Your brilliant idea of house swapping has made it a bit easier to travel. So congratulations and good on you !! Carl & Margaret
Aussie House swap. What a great concept. We had a very successful swap Bronte Beach NSW for our house & car at Nedlands WA. Three weeks over last Xmas /New Year. Beautiful house (& Car) & it meant we did not have to burden our daughter & family who were just a 20 minute drive to connect Perfect. We are now close friends with our swap partners. Thank You! James
Recently I experienced my first home swap with a couple in Dodgers Ferry, Tasmania and I am DELIGHTED.Our exchange was for 10 days in late April/early May.They stayed in our home in Brisbane & left our home in a spotless condition- you wouldn't have known anyone had stayed there while we were away.We found Sid & Barbara's home to be very centrally located & to be warm & very comfortable. Our visit felt like a stay at our favourite aunt's home-very homely & at ease.Sid & Barb even arranged for their friends to greet us at the airport & transport us to their home. Very accommodating of them & a very much appreciated gesture. Our daughter met them at our home & showed them around & drove them to the station when the time came to move on again.They ,like us, left a bottle of wine & a small box of chocolates on the kitchen bench to greet us.-little gestures mean a lot. We included a swap of cars in our exchange & this saved us all a lot of money also. We exchanged a number of emails & phone calls prior to our swap & this made us all feel like friends even before the swap. This definately helped us feel more relaxed about swapping for the first time.We estimate that we saved upto $3000 on accommodation costs for 4 adults & car hire.WHAT A GREAT WAY TO HOLIDAY!!!!! We are eagerly awaiting our next swap with a family in New Zealand in July & can only hope that things run as smoothly as the last exchange.Thanks Sid & Barbara of Dodgers Ferry & thanks Aussie Home Swap. Regards, Roslyn
Since joining Aussie House Swap we have enjoyed a number of exchanges in various locations including Brisbane and Sydney. Through this network we have been able to provide our place for couple and their overseas visitors as a holiday venue whilst we were visiting family elsewhere. Similarly we were able to stay in another members home, even though they did not require a swap as they had other holiday plans. We have currently arranged a swap for the coming July holidays and are planning more swaps throughout the year. What a great way to holiday and get a feel for the community/area you are staying in. Each time we have managed to build a great rapport with the people we have swapped with and everything has run smoothly - not one hiccup at all Not only is it an economical, relaxing and comfortable way to holiday, there is a bit of serendipity involved when contact is made, I like that, as it can be an opportunity to holiday in places you may not have thought of. You can say "Why not - lets go there" or "No thanks, it dosent suit us this time" there is no obligation the chioce is yours. I'm just wondering why it took us so long to discover the beauty of holidaying via house swap, however, we don't intend to let the grass grow under our feet as we venture off to lots of holiday destinations and enjoy many more home exchanges. Kind regards, Nettie & Grahame
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