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Testimonials for Aussie House Swap home exchange and house swap holiday accommodation


Don't just take our word for it, read what our many happy members say about home exchange and house swap holiday accommodation with Aussie House Swap.

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Just to let you know I think your site is great. We have already had 2 swaps, this will be our 3rd and we get heaps of enquiries. A couple of people have even said that they specifically joined the site because of our house. We love it so it's nice to hear others think it is great also. Kind regards, Nora
I had a successful house swap in November with an Australian family and I'm interested in swapping in the future. Many thanks! Heather (NZ)
How good is Aussie House Swap!! On the last couple of days of our 3rd swap. This one is to Newcastle, staying in a nice house close to the beach. The great thing is that you dont have to bring everything with you. Just pack your personal stuff. There are books and magazines to read, place to go, a secure comfortable house, not just a room with your car at the door like most motels. The money we saved makes doing things and seeing things less of a drain on finances. Adrain
We recently completed a house swap with a family in Bunbury WA. The secret to a good swap was effective communication as we required many emails and phone calls to establish an effective swap. During the stay it was like having a holiday at home as we were not used to holidaying in a house. The amount of room we had was great as we were not cramped into a tiny unit, cabin or motel room (which is what usually occurs on our holidays when we 'pay' for accommodation). Our house swappers were generous enough to allow us to use their car to visit other places in SW Western Australia after we left their house. At our home our house swappers left our house in immaculate condition. Overall a very pleasant experience and a smooth house swap. I would definitely endorse the house swap process after this experience. Can't wait for the next house swap to occur. Regards, Ian and Narelle
I would be happy to vouch for Aussie House Swap. We did our first family swap with a family of 4 from the Gold Coast last June. Then in the middle of January we did a swap with Melbournians and we have another one booked with a family from Christchurch this July. That is 3 swaps in 13 months so we are very happy with the facility. After we left the swap home in Melbourne we toured to Adelaide and 7 nights accommodation cost us $1,000. Money that could have been spent on tours, dinners or kept in the bank. Thanks for this service. I LOVE trawling the site for beautiful places that I want to stay at some day. Margaret
We live in Alstonville and swapped with people from Geelong-Victoria in the January holidays just gone. Met the people on the road on our return trips. All went extremely well. Would do it again anytime, just not sure where to! Donelle
We did a house swap over Christmas with a family in Cooma. May 2008 we swapped with a family in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Both were awesome. Regards, Kylie
We will be requiring your site for further holidays and we are very pleased with the response we got and the quality of the sitters you have. Regards, Colin
We've done a very successful house swap and have another one organised. Also we are getting plenty of offer so we are happy. Thanks very much, Ruth & Don
We are enjoying house swapping! We have had 3 so far and all have been very successful. I like the new sight. We have told a lot of people about your sight and house swapping keep up the good work. Regards, G B
Just letting you know of our very successful house swap with other swap members at Mooroolbark in Melbourne. Everything went very smoothly and we found this couple to be very nice people who left our house in perfect condition you wouldn't have known that someone had stayed in our home. We had a lovely stay in their home very central to our daughter and two lots of friends we have at Yarra Glen and Kinglake. Our friends at Kinglake escaped the fire their property was fine so we were very pleased. We have found house swapping to be good - this was our 3rd house swap and it went very smoothly we recommend it to everyone. Looking forward to our next swap. Geoff and Beverley
I am very happy with your service. We did a House swap with another member from Pirongia in New Zealand last year and this was a great success. Lovely area and my place was left spotless. Thanks, Judy
We had a fantastic swap over Easter. Was really lovely. Houseswapping is a marvellous idea. Well done. We love house swapping because it adds another dimension to our holidays. Instead of going to a "bland" hotel room, we stay in homes filled with interesting things - books, toys, food, plants etc. We gain a real insight each time we swap, into the way other people live their lives. It adds a real "depth" to our holiday which we love. Kylie
Thank you - we have enjoyed two swaps during our membership and enjoyed them both. We hope you have much success in the future and continue to prosper as you grow. Kind regards, Suzanne and Stephen
We had a very enjoyable and worthwhile house swap with a family who owned a beach house at Whale Beach in Sydney. It was a fantastic opportunity to stay in a place that is usually reserved for the very wealthy! Louise
We enjoyed our three weeks in Southern Tasmania during August 2008 so much that we have arranged another swap for four weeks in Northern Tasmania for August this year. On this occasion we sent numerous emails back and forth with the house owners, and then spoke to them by telephone. We also met them a few weeks ago when they arrived in Queensland and spent hours chatting like we had been old friends. We met them again last week when we welcomed them into our house at Coolum Beach for their four week house swap. They are currently in our Coolum Beach holiday house now and we are looking forward to spending four weeks in their house in Tasmania in August. House swapping certainly does take a lot of the financial burden away from your holiday budget. Thanks again, Noel & Jenny.
We would love to renew our membership. We organised a house swap last year. We swapped with a family in Ponsonby, Auckland New Zealand. It was fantastic. They had chidren the same age and we all had a great time. We actually met before hand and did a car swap as well. We would highly recommend it to other members who maybe are thinking about it, but are not quite sure whether how it works. We had no problems at all and arrived home to a beautiful tidy clean house. We kept in touch while on holiday by phone and text and would do it again for sure. Doug and Helen
We have completed a month long house swap in Tasmania. The swap was in Sandy Bay, Hobart, and went very well. They were happy with a beach holiday in Queensland, and we escaped the heatwave for a pleasant time investigating old haunts in Tassie. No problems with either house, and a great time had by all. Regards Rod
January this year we exchanged with a family in Albany WA. We feel that we have made life long friends as a result. On our car trips home we suggested we meet up half way during the journey. We were amazed to discover that we had been chatting for 3 hours non-stop! We both have two girls each and they wandered off, bought ice-creams and struck up a friendship as well. I think you form a special bond with people when you share homes. The whole experience adds another dimension to holidaying. Sue
Just to let you know we had 2 great house swaps over the year since becoming a member a year ago. One was close to home and the other was in New Zealand. They both were excellent we came back to our house just the way we had left it. There is no way with a family of 5 we could have afforded a trip to New Zealand to snow ski, sight seeing and eating out if we had to pay for accomadation on top of everything else. It was also nice to come home after a long day and be able to relax in a family home instead of a small hotel/motel room and cook our own meals and even do a load of washing. We are looking forward to a few more house swaps so we can do some more exploring with our children. Karen
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